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What time does the show start?

The opening band starts the show at 7:30 pm.  The headliner comes on at 8:30 pm.  Some shows do not have an opener, but usually include an intermission.   Potential rain may delay start of concert or a pause in the concert.  Check website for updates at

Can we put our chairs out early?

Though we discourage it, the amphitheater is located in an open park. We are not responsible for anything left in the park either prior to, during, or after the show.   Access the amphitheater from the upper section of the park as the lower level parking area may be closed.  The chairs can be put out at any time, but please be aware that they may be moved and/or blocked for production and concession load in.  Plastic tarps are NOT allowed on the ground or staked into the ground.   Lawn chairs, beach chairs, bag chairs or cloth blankets are recommended.  Staff will remove any plastic on the ground, stakes, or roped off areas.

Why can’t you stop people from putting chairs out early?

Unfortunately, there is not an easy solution to this issue. The Northside Hospital Cherokee Amphitheater is located in The Park at City Center, which is an “Open Park” and is not a gated facility. The Woodstock Summer Concert Series is a Free event. We don’t have the available staff (or budget to hire additional staff or police officers) to monitor the facility around the clock to keep people from setting up their chairs early. Even if we picked up chairs that were set out early, we wouldn’t have the ability to dispose or store those chairs. If we picked a specific time during the day to “Open” the facility and allow people in to set out chairs, we would have major pedestrian traffic issues as 10,000 people attempt to enter the park at the same time. Not to mention the vehicle traffic around the area. Please remember, this is a free event meant to bring the community together for an evening of fun.

What about tables, chairs, tents, umbrellas or tarps?

Lawn chairs, beach chairs, bag chairs or cloth blankets are recommended.  We do not reserve areas or tables. Plastic tarps are NOT allowed on the ground or staked into the ground.  No high tables (over 2’), large patio umbrellas, or tents.  They will be removed.

Are tables available to rent, reserve or purchase at the concert?

No, the tables in the reserved section of the amphitheater are for the Gold Level Sponsors of the Woodstock Summer Concert Series.  See website for sponsorship information.

Where are the concerts held?

They are held at the Northside Hospital-Cherokee Amphitheater at The Park at City Center in downtown Woodstock.

What is the address for the amphitheater?

It is located at 101 Arnold Mill Rd., Woodstock, GA  30188 at the corner of Main St. (Hwy 5) and Arnold Mill Rd.

Is there a charge for the concert?

No, admission is free.

Do we need tickets to get in?

No tickets are needed and the park is open to everyone.

What time should we arrive?

The show starts at 7:30 pm.   For best seating, arrive early.  The amphitheater is in an open park.    You may put your chairs out at any time, but please be aware that they may be moved and/or blocked for production and concession load in.  Plastic tarps are NOT allowed on the ground or staked into the ground.   We are not responsible for anything left in the park either prior to, during, or after the show.   You can access the amphitheater from the upper section of the park, as the lower level parking area will be closed.

Can I bring my pet?

Pets are not allowed during events at the amphitheater, except as aids to persons with disabilities.

Is there food available?

Yes, food vendors are on site and restaurants are within walking distance of the park.

Can I bring my own cooler?

Yes, you may bring your own food and beverages. Coolers 48 quarts or smaller are allowed.  NO GLASS CONTAINERS.

Is alcohol allowed at the amphitheater?

There are several sites throughout the park that will have beer, wine and pre-mixed margaritas available for sale to those over 21 years of age with ID.  You may also bring your own.  No glass containers allowed. All vendors will have soda, water, and other beverages available as well.

Is smoking or vaping allowed?

No, the amphitheater is a no smoking facility.

Can I bring a gas or charcoal grill?

Grills are not allowed.

Where do we park?

Public parking is available at Chattahoochee Technical College and at the Chambers at City Center (formerly Woodstock Community Church).  Check the Downtown Woodstock Parking Map for additional locations.  The lower level of the park is reserved for VIP, Handicap Guests, and Sponsors with proper parking passes and handicap permits.

Please use designated crosswalks to get to and from the park and amphitheater.

Can I ride the Woodstock Trolley?

Yes, here is the link for trolley stops and times.

Will shuttles to the amphitheater be available?

Yes, see Amphitheater Parking section of the website for details.   Shuttles run from two locations from 5 pm until the last run at 11:45 pm.   Northside Hospital Parking Deck at 900 Towne Lake Parkway and Woodstock City Church at 150 Ridge Walk Parkway.

Is there an Uber and Lyft drop off/pickup area?

Yes, it is in the City Center parking lot located on Towne Lake Parkway just west of Main Street.

Where is handicap parking?

Handicap parking is located on the lower level of the park.  Parking attendants will direct you to available spaces.  You must have authorized handicap parking tag, sticker or hanging sign in your name.  Space is limited.

Is there a pavilion on site?

No, it is a completely outdoor venue.

Do you have children’s activities?

Yes, there is an inflatable sponsored by Chrisally Events, face painting and balloon animals sponsored by Momentum Church.

Where would I find first aid if necessary?

The fire department will have a first aid station on the lower level hill next to the Arnold Mill Road pedestrian entrance.  Look for the red tent. You can also ask any of the staff for assistance.

Is there an ATM on site?

No, there is one across Arnold Mill Rd. at Copper Coin Coffee Shop and another ATM further south on Main St. at the Bank of the Ozarks branch, just 4 blocks south of the park.


Any chairs, coolers, and tables left behind after a concert will be left in place until Monday morning at 8 am at which time they will be determined to be abandoned and will be discarded.  We are not responsible for anything left in the park before, during, or after an event.  Please be aware that the amphitheater is located in an open park. 

Call 770-592-6000 ext. 1951 or 1952.  Or e-mail for misplaced items.

What if it rains?

It is a rain or shine event, unless inclement weather rolls in.  Check our website or Facebook page for postponements or cancellations.  You can bring personal sized umbrella’s but they must be taken down as soon as the rain ends.  Every effort will be made to put on the show including a delay in starting or pause in the show due to rain.   We will plan for the show to go on as usual until then.

Do you have souvenirs?

Yes, concert series t-shirts are available next to the stage for $10.  The bands will often bring their own merchandise including cd’s and t-shirts.

How can I find out more about the bands?

Click on any of the bands from our website at and it will link you to theirs.

What is allowed at the Park?

  • Coolers of 48 quarts and smaller are permitted 
  • Cloth bags, soft packs 12”x17”x12” and smaller are allowed 
  • Food and beverages are permitted 
  • Binoculars are permitted 
  • Strollers and wagons for small children
  • Camping Chairs / Bag Chairs / Cloth Blankets
  • All coolers, bags and picnic baskets are subject to search. 

Note: All coolers, bags and picnic baskets are subject to search.

What is NOT allowed at the Park?

  • No roping off or saving of areas including the use of ropes or blankets 
  • Tents * 
  • Tall tables over 2 feet in height.
  • PLASTIC OR TARPS on the ground *
  • Stakes in the ground *
  • Sitting or standing in/on aisle ways, stairs, and walls
  • Helium filled balloons
  • Large shade/patio umbrellas or handheld umbrellas during the show
  • Anything that detracts from the entertainment value of the show to other participants.
  • Smoking, vaping or use of tobacco products, illegal drugs
  • Laser pointers
  • Coolers larger than 48 quarts
  • Recording devices
  • Fireworks, confetti, projectiles
  • Bullhorns or noisemakers
  • Framed backpacks
  • Pets or Animals, except as aids to persons with disabilities
  • Skateboards or inline skates
  • Personal property that is a potential hazard to others (e.g. chains, wallet chains or jewelry with spike edges).
  • Fires, open flames, fuel powered lanterns, camping and “tailgating”
  • Littering, Gambling, Loitering
  • Flying objects such as, but not limited to, Frisbees and beach balls
  • Charcoal or gas barbecue grills
  • Pamphlets, inserts, advertising matter, political handbills or the like
  • Picketing or solicitors
  • All guests must wear shirts, shoes, and pants/shorts/skirts, etc.
  • Metal utensils or glass bottles/containers

*Will be removed.

Any other items, not limited to this list, will be based on staff discretion.

Drunken or unruly behavior will not be tolerated and guests may be escorted from the park by staff personnel and/or police. You may be asked to leave the premises for failure to follow rules. Please report problems to police or park personnel.